The tradition of Klapa singing evolved since 19th century in Dalmatia as well as in Korčula. It’s main characteristic is harmonic multi tonal homophone singing, mostly love songs and stories about life of fishermen and sailors. The name ‘klapa’ probably evolved from some version of regional Italian language, where word ‘clapa’ means group of friends.

Performers from Croatia:

klapa KAMPANELI from Donji Kašteli,

(f) klapa KURJOŽE from Podstrana,

(m) klapa KUNTENAT from Korčula,

(f) klapa MOREŠKA from Korčula,

(m) klapa PORAT from Lumbarda,

(m) klapa KORDA from Lumbarda,

(m) klapa KUMPANJI fromz Blato and

special gust group

(f) klapa INCANTO from Kotor, Montenegro .

Tickets: 30,00 kn (bought in advance)/ 40,00 kn (at the entrance).

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