In the village of Vid, near Metkovic, every last Friday in July a historic entertainment event called "Roman night in Narona" is held. A rich and entertaining program takes place at multiple locations and provides visitors with an insight into the way of life at the time of the existence of ancient Narona. Special attractions include staging market of slaves and gladiator fights. Visitors can buy souvenirs from Roman times at special prices, and also products of ancient crafts such as coinage, pottery made on a potter's wheel, wooden toys, Roman cosmetician or even do their hair in the Roman style.
A rich program is complemented by exotic dancers, jugglers with fire, a lot of dance and music, games for children and delicious Roman cuisine. The particularity of this event is to include almost all the inhabitants of the village Vid who usually volunteer as inhabitants of ancient Narona wearing clothes and shoes at that time.

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