International Film Festival of the seventh art and the concept of healthy pleasure, wants to develop,  preserve and promote:
1) the culture of growing, preparing and enjoying healthy food
2) the preparation of traditional recipes and natural food preservation
3) the development and applications of traditional dishes and tools
4) biodiversity of breeding species and biodiversity in general
5) Local and cultural identity
6) social justice, human and civil rights
7) education of young people to raise awareness about healthy eating and the importance of environmental protection
8) holistic environmental awareness
Festival name - Kinookus, primarily refers to the thematic combination of food and film, and secondarily to a deeper layer of meaning - the education and specific senses of forgotten flavors, tastes facing extinction, awakening the senses to find rare tastes and, ultimately, to develop aesthetic taste for cinema, for the beautiful and good. Therefore, the audience of Kinookus is made of top connoisseurs and gourmets, hedonists and film lovers and producers of food and beverages, heirs of old customs and crafts, caterers, nature lovers, adventurers, and ordinary people who want an authentic cultural events.

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