Asian Dub Foundation is coming to Dubrovnik two weeks after issuing their new album More signal and more noise which is planned for July 10. It will be their first appearance ever on the southern Croatian coast! The band now consists of Steve Sava, Dr Das, Akatava, Ghetto Priest, Nathan Flutebox Lee, Rocky Singh and their story is really specific and incredibly powerful - the band changed its stature over time ... The reunion of the band followed in 2012 after Fabien Rigall called Steve Saval, founder of the ADF because the Cinema Secret wanted to re-record with ADF parts of the soundtrack for the cult film of Matthieu Kassowitz from 1995, but this time in the notorious Broadwater Farm Estate in north London the same night when there were mayor elections. For those who do not remember, the events on the Broadwater Farm Estate in 2011 launched a series of protests and rebellion over England since police shot resident from that part of London. Authorities declared the idea of recording the soundtrack dangerous and tried to prevent it but the concert was still held and the response was incredible! In just one hour 1 000 tickets were sold and two more concerts were sold out at London's club Troxy. Night after they performed in the cult Paris hall Le Trianon and this was the same night when Sarkozy lost the elections. Their performance that night in Paris caused a lot of turmoil, and was supported by the film director La Haine, Matthieu Kassowitz through public media statements. It seemed that performance was not just by chance that night and the ADF has thus become part of the unwritten French political history. Their appearance is often associated with rebellion against the existing political currents.
In musical terms, they have many years of performing experience and they shared the stage with greats such as Rage Against the Machine, The Cure and Radiohead, as well as Biondi, beloved in Japan where they have published the last album The signal and the noise in 2013. Their sound is a combination of jungle rhythms, dub, punk rock guitar, sitar and traditional Indian melodies and in the Park Orsula they will bring the spirit of rebellious and cosmopolitan British milieu.

Where: Park Orsula

When: 28.07.2015

Advance sale price is 240,00 hrk while on the day of the concert, if there will be remaining tickets, the price will be 270,00 hrk.
In case of severe weather conditions, the concert will be transferred to the sport hall „Gospino polje“ due to demanding production. The Organizer reserves the right to change location and tickets cannot be returned. The information about movement of the concert will be announced through the media and through own channels of information (web, facebook, mailing list).
Bringing of professional photographic equipment or the audio/video recording is not allowed.

List of retail outlets:

TISAKmedia DUBROVNIK - Brsalje 9
SUPER NEKRETNINE, Dr. Ante Starčevića 45 (Business Center Grawe)
Grand Villa Argentina, Frana Supila 14
Hotel Bellevue, Pera Čingrije 7
Hotel Excelsior, Frana Supila 12
Hotel Palace, Masarykov put 20

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