The Korčula Baroque Festival is an international music festival that will be held for the fourth time in 2015. From its inception, the festival has seen some of the prestigious local and international artists, ensembles and soloists, to name but a few:

  • Academy of Ancient Music - Great Britain
  • Laurence Cummings - Great Britain
  • Le Parlament de Musique - France
  • Currende and Eric van Nevel - Belgium
  • La Venexiana - Italy
  • Red Priest - Great Britain
  • Capelle de Ministrers - Spain
  • His Majesty's Sagbutts & Cornetts - Great Britain
  • The Croatian baroque Ensemble
  • Academic choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić"
  • Vocal ensemble Antiphonus - Croatia

All previous editions of the Festival have been successful, with locals and international audiences being interested in this cultural event.

Tthe most prominent ensembles and soloists specialising in baroque music from Croatia and around the world will once again perform at this event: New Trinity Baroque (USA), Sudar Percussion & Matej Meštrović (Croatia), B'Rock (Belgium), Dmitry Sinkovski (Russia), Mary-Ellen Nesi (Greece), Vocal ensemble Antiphonus (Croatia), The Zagreb Guitar Quartet (Croatia), Matija Dedić (Croatia), Catherine Mackintosh (Great Britain), Laura Vadjon (Croatia) and Croatian Baroque Ensemble (Croatia).

As the festival started an idea formed that the music used for Moreška ( the traditional sword dance of Korčula) be restored. Meshing the music with the old customs that permeate the cultural life in Korčula, visitors and locals can see the beauty and history of this island being shown through this old custom, passed through generations and surviving centuries.

The festival has managed to completely fill its seats in previous years for every concert and opinions are it will do so again this year. Adding to this is the fact that this festival has become a part of the international platform Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe and is one of the 18 Croatian festivals who received the EFFE Label 2015-16. (more info on


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