Are you searching for a unique diving experience? The Dubrovnik Riviera offers just that: spectacular diving in unforgettable natural beauty - in the heart of Europe! Where else can you enjoy in the wealth of sea life, dive through caves, see the underwater walls and enjoy the beauty of the best preserved fortified medieval city in Europe all in the same day?

The Dubrovnik Riviera ensures truly exciting dive sites for each diver. We must emphasize the "museum on the sea floor" near Cavtat, which is the largest amphora site in the Adriatic and one of the ten largest in the Mediterranean. This was the site where a ship carrying a cargo of 50,000 litres of oil from a northern African port sank in ancient times (3rd century B.C.). The site has undergone conservation with the assistance of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and has been fenced in by a metal cage. Over a thousand amphorae are visible over an area of 200 m2 and under these, the remnants of the sunken ship are visible, as are many sea inhabitants who have found their own protected habitat.

This find, considering the fact that it is at only 30m depth, is also accessible to amateur divers. It can be visited in an organized tour and with the official guidance of members of the 'Epidaurum' diving club. Other dive clubs and their expert divers are available to those in love with underwater beauty. In order to obtain a recreational-sport dive permit, please contact the Dubrovnik Dive Club, Ivana Zajca 35, Tel/Fax: +385-(0)20/435-737, Mobile: +385-(0)98/427-963. You must show your passport, diving certification (obtained either in Croatia or abroad) and pay a tax of 100 kuna.

Permits are also available at the Epidaurum Dive Centre in Cavtat (located in Hotel Epidaurus), Tel: +385-(0)20/471-444, Mobile: +385-(0)98/427-550 and in the Neretva Club of Underwater Activities and Sport Fishing in Metkovic, Mostarska bb, Tel: +385-(0)20/681-766, Mobile: +385-(0)98/244-319. Permits are valid for one year. With the permit, divers will also receive a list of prohibited dive sites. For tank filling, please contact one of the local dive clubs.