A town in the interior of the Pelješac peninsula, at the foot of Gradine Mountain (244m), situated 2 kilometres from the port of Drače on the northeastern coast. The main economic activities here are agriculture, wine making and olive growing. It is situated along the national highway. At Gradine, just above Janjina, there are remnants of Illyrian structures, and there are grave stone piles nearby.
The town of Janjina is composed of five villages: Bara, Jaspričići, Prislivi, Dežulovići and Gornje Selo. Gornje Selo includes Lovrović, Gornje Selo and Polutić. Bara and Gornje Selo existed back in the 14th century, while the remaining settlements came into existence during the 15th and 16th centuries.
At the graveyard near the Church of St. Stephan, the remains of walls of a Roman country house and tombstones from the 1st century have been found. The ruins of the pre-Romantic Church of St. George (Jurja) with its late medieval graveyard are significant; the name of the donor Peter is engraved in the segments of the altar rail, decorated with braiding. In the wall above the entrance to the former Rector's Palace is a rustic relief with the seated figure of St. Vlaho.

The town has several lovely Captains' homes from the 19th century, while the historic Church of St. Vlaho dominates.


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