In the beginning it was called Bobalj, after the mountain of the same name above the village, where the remnants of Illyrian stone grave mounds can still be seen.
In the entire municipality, only Krvavec II is younger than Kula.
The fortress Smrdan-grad and the monumental Kula Norinska (tower), several stories high are remnants of Turkish times. They were built at the beginning of the 16th century where the small river Norin flows into the Neretva River. The tower served as a defence against the charge of Venetian ships into the valley. It was used for military purposes until the 19th century, when it was adapted into a windmill.
Due to the Turkish fortress, the tower received the name Kula (tower), and Norin comes from the river of the same name which drains into the Neretva River here.
That is how Bobalj became Kula Norinska or Torre di Norino, as the Venetians called it.
In 1993, during the formation of counties and new municipalities, the unit of self-administration received its name from this settlement, where its administration is centred.


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