Okuklje, while being a relatively small village has a well sheltered harbour and is a favourite anchoring place for many boaters.
The Church of St. Nicholas, built in the early part of the 16th century, sits on the hill above the harbour. It was renovated in 1990. The monastery of St. Dominic is next to the church.
During the 17th century, pirates and outlaws looted and torched Okuklje several times. In 1693, the entire town was looted and torched and then abandoned, as the residents fled to Korita and Maranovići. Okuklje is the oldest Croatian island town on the coast. It was established by the inhabitants of Vrhmljeca during the latter half of the 15th century.


This was a fishing and shipping town. Today, the village lives again as an eternal symbol of human indestructibility.
The Okuklje harbour is in the most sheltered bay on the island of Mljet. The Italians called it Porto Cammera. The town has several seafood restaurants and vacation homes.


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