Goveđari is a settlement which arose at the end of the 18th century. A document dating back to 1793 proves the theory. This document in question is a contract signed by the monks of the Mljet monastery of St. Mary, Benedikt Gleđ, Bernard Sivrić, Placid Guska and Luiđi Garmoljez, with the consent of the monastery representative, the procurator Nikola Nikolova Pucić and Don Antunov Restić with Vicko Basta from Babino Polje and the brothers Nikola and Petar Milić.
The subject of the document regards the brother's inhabitation of the area at the Pomjente field, thus becoming the first inhabitants of the village Goveđari. The village is connected by road to Pomena, Polače and the Great Lake. Nearby is the Church of St. Nicholas, built in the early 20th century together with its Parish office.

The Roman Catholic parish of Goveđari was founded in 1897 and includes the following settlements: Goveđari, Polače, Babine Kuće, Njivice, Soline and Pomena.


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