Saplunara is a settlement with 32 residents. Due to the breathtaking landscape, Saplunara, Blaca and Pinjevac have been proclaimed a Reserve of Natural Rarity. The stone pines which naturally grow here are among the loveliest of their kind, while the fine sandy inlets with their reefs are reminiscent of those sections of the planet Earth which are rightfully considered to be the pearls and jewels of this world. This is a place to come to if you want to get away from the noise, bustle and noxious gases of European cities.

Its name stems from the Latin word sabulum, meaning sand. The inlet Saplunara faces the open sea to the southwest, it is about 1 kilometre in length and about 350 metres in width at its central, narrowest section.

The sandy beaches are divided into Small and Great Saplunara. The town Saplunara was established by the residents of Korita after World War II. Today, there are some twenty beautiful homes here, where numerous tourists stay. The largest is Villa Bašica, with 20 rooms, a restaurant and other tourism and recreational facilities. Saplunara is connected with Babino Polje and Pomena by the island highway through Korita and Maranovići.


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