Prožura is an old medieval settlement which grew around the Church of the Hold Trinity and its monastery. The church bears the markings of Dubrovnik Gothic chapels of the second half of the 15th century. It was likely constructed by the Lokrum Benedictines when they came into possession of the land at Prožura in 1477.
The Church of the Holy Trinity contains the most significant and beautiful art on the island of Mljet: the Romanic bronze crucifix.
Just above Prožura is the Chapel of St. Martin with its small cloister from the 14th century. The Chapel of St. Rok with its semicircular apse is from more recent times.

The square tower dominates the hill above town, bearing testimony to the pirate attacks of the 17th century in the hidden Mljet highland villages. Pavao Gracić, the Bishop of Ston from 1635 to 1652, was born in Prožura.


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