This town and harbor in the inlet of Velo Jezero on the southern coast of the island of Lastovo lies 10 kilometres southwest of the town of Lastovo. The main economic activities are agriculture, wine making, olive growing, fishing and tourism. There is a ferry docking at Ubli, with ferries arriving from Vela Luka and Split.
The foundations of an early Christian basilica from the 5-6th century with sarcophagi have been found in the inlet of Velo Jezero, while nearby the remnants of public buildings from the same time have been discovered.

Situated in a place where the harmony of the sea, sky and earth magnetically attract visitors, and the untouched environment and perfect tranquillity are seeped in solitude, Ubli is a true heaven for boaters and those in search of peace and quiet. Local culinary delicacies, especially seafood dishes, the possibility of water sports and fishing make the Lastovo experience complete.


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