Lastovo - an island situated south of the island of Korčula with a surface area of approximately 53 km2, inhabited by about 1300 residents. The highest height is Hum hill at an altitude of 417m.
The island has two settlements, Ubli on the coast and Lastovo in the interior. Lastovo has numerous bays and beaches to explore, lush vegetation, vineyards, olive groves and gardens. The residents are primarily farmers and fisherman, as the sea here is rich in fish.
This also enables the residents to work in tourism, with the beautiful new homes erected along the coastline.
Particularly lovely are the romantic Skrivena luka (Hidden harbour), and near Ubla in a place called Pasadur is the Hotel Solitudo.
For centuries, the island of Lastovo was under the Dubrovnik Republic, which is evident in the sheer numbers and value of its architectural and artistic heritage. The city of Lastovo in particular is interesting, situated on the southern slopes, with a series of old Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque-style homes. The parish church of St. Kuzma and Damjan from the 14th century was built by master craftsmen from Dubrovnik and Korčula . The church has three naves from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. The Baroque main alter is ornamented by paintings of the saints Kuzma and Damjan from the 17th century, the work of Venetian artist Giovanni Lanfranco.
Here also are two stone ciboria from the 16th century, created after similar ones in Korcula. The church also contains valuable silver liturgical articles, and the Renaissance bronze bowl for blessing water is exceptional.
There are many old churches on Lastovo: St Luke's from the 11th century in Ubla, and the most beautiful is St. Mary of the Fields, which was built by domestic masters in the 15th century in the Gothic-Renaissance style. Lastovo has an exceptionally interesting and rich folk costume, traditions and dances, and the Lastovo wheel dance is well known.

Frequently mentioned are the Carnival parades and the Mardi Gras tradition of pulling the large and complicated ceremonial Carnival doll from one end of the town to the other along a special rope, before burning it.


You can download the Lastovo broschure here.