Smokvica is hidden in the foothills of Vela and Mala obala, protected from wind and open to the sun and the sea. It is situated in a place where the island is widest and the relief diversified. Smokvica has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. It is criss-crossed by prehistorical gullies and antic roads, it is surrounded by beautiful nature, wine yards and olive grows.

The people have always been involved in agriculture, especially in grape growing and wine production.  Smokvica is the home to Pošip, one of the most famous Croatian white wines. Stone houses, idyllic streets, rich cultural heritage, a hundred year-old vineyard and olive groves, as well as the charm of this island village takes you back to old times. The Church of Blessed Virgin of Purification with its bell tower, Vela and Mala Pijaca and the lodge from 1700 dominate the village.
The old village centre can be found in the vicinity of St. Michael’s church. Present-day Smokvica invites you to enjoy the beautiful nature, to visit cultural and historical sites, explore some of the many walking and cycling paths and taste high-quality wine in some of the local wineries and restaurants, complete with gastro specialities.


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