An old historical town, one of the most beautiful places in the Župa Dubrovačka, Mlini is situated along the banks of the steeply falling Zavrelje River, and boasts sandy beaches and inlets with clean shallow water. The ample humidity and warm climate have turned this town into fragrant parks and gardens with all kinds of plants and vegetation.
It received its name from the mlini (mills) that were once turned by the Zavrelje River. The town is filled with historical monuments and legends. According to one such legend, St. Hilarius burnt the Epidaurous dragon on the shores of Mlini in the 4th century, thus saving Epidaurum from earthquake, evil, barbarian attack and ravage. In honour of their saviour, the Church of St. Illar was erected, and he became the patron saint of the area. The Chapel of St. Rok on the coast and the Chapel of the Holy Spirit at Krstac are of historical importance as well.
An ancient graveyard is located on the hills above the seashore. The tombstones tell the tale of the oldest families of Župa Dubrovačka from the Roman period of the old Astarea.

Mlini is one of the most developed tourist places in the Dubrovnik area, with lovely hotels, situated in the brightest ambient, at the foot of the historical Spilan hill, virtually grown into the architecture of the hill and its forested rocks. There is also the possibility of accommodation in a home environment, in the lovely homes and numerous villas.


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