Lopud - an island of lush Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, beautiful gardens, parks and beaches, Lopud is one of the most developed islands for tourism in the Dubrovnik region. In the past, it was an island of captains, which provided the most sailors for the navy of the Dubrovnik Republic. Also from Lopud was the famed sailor and ship owner Miho Pracat.

According to the Dubrovnik historian Razzi, Lopud had 30 churches in the 16th century, as well as numerous summer residences, several monasteries and many more inhabitants than today. Visible on the island are the ruins of early medieval churches, summer residences and fortresses.

The Franciscan monastery from 1483 with its cloister, defensive towers and walls and its Church of St. Mary of Splica holds much valuable art: the polyptych of Pietro de Giovanni, the triptych from the workshop of Nikola Božidarević, the polyptych of Girolan da Santacroce, paintings by the Flemish master Bassan and more. The Church of Our Lady of Sunjaiz from the 15th century is a valuable cultural monument and contains paintings by Palma the elder, Natalino da Murano, Mateja Junčić and others. The island has good boat connections with Dubrovnik from Gruž Harbour.