One of the more picturesque towns in the Dubrovnik region and the gentlest bay over 2 kilometres in length, Slano is a must-see on the Adriatic coast with beautiful beaches, dense pine woods and olive groves and a long cultural tradition. There are also many monuments, some dating back to ancient times.

The Franciscan Church of St. Jerome, one of the nicest in the region, is from the 15th century. Also well preserved are the Rector's Palace from the Dubrovnik Republic era and the summer residence of the well known Ohmučević family, whose members were skilled sailors and writers. The road from Slano leads to Zavala in Herzegovina, the location of the famed 'Vjetrenica' karst cave (14 kilometres away).

Slano is the biggest and most important small town and a community centre. Traditionally, the villages in the immediate hinterland are municipally linked to it, forming a constituent part of the Community of the Dubrovnik Coast. Slano is 30 kilometres from the centre of Dubrovnik, situated in a spacious and beautiful bay of the same name, formerly a flooded valley, next to the walled shoreline, opposite the island of Šipan and divided by the Koločep Channel. Slano is attractive due to its numerous pebble beaches, lush vegetation and pleasant climate. It was once on the line-boat route to Dubrovnik and Korčula, and also on local routes to other smaller ports and jetties on the Dubrovnik Coast and on the peninsula of Pelješac (Zaton, Orašac, Trsteno, Doli, Ston, etc.). There are also boat services to the neighbouring islands and ports in the broader area (Šipan, Mljet, etc ).

The bay is protected from the wind, making it an ideal haven and anchorage for ships, boats and yachts. Its economy is based on tourism with accommodation provided by the hotels “Admiral” and “Osmine”, private pensions, apartments, campsites and other venues; also on agriculture (olives, vines, fruit), fishing and other marine activities. 


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