This municipality with over a thousand residents is situated 6 kilometres east of Korčula. It stretches from a shoreline of small coves to the nearby hills, and is surrounded by vast sandy vineyards. A paved road leads to Lumbarda, passing through a picturesque landscape of pine woods and olive groves. This is the site of Greek (Hellenistic) agricultural settlement from the 3rd century BC from which the Psefizma and Gnathia grave vases (now on display in the town museum) originated.

Since the 16th century, the wealthy Korčula landowners and noblemen built their fortified summer villas (Kaštele) at selected locations in Lumbarda. Some are still preserved and inhabited today, including the Nobilo, Milina and Kršinić villas. On the hills around the old part of the town, Vela glavica, we have the triple nave Church of St Rok, the patron saint of Lumbarda. There are also several smaller older chapels in the town: St. Bartholomew (Bartul), St. Peter and Paul, St. Barbara and the Chapel of the Nativity. Surrounded by vineyards, the Chapel of the Holy Cross from 1774 and its characteristic cloisters stand out in particular.
For centuries, the people of Lumbarda have lived off the land, primarily the vineyards. They have fished and worked in the stone quarries and worked as stone masons. Several distinguished Croatian artists, sculptors and painters were born here: Ivo Lozica (1910-1943), Lujo Lozica (1945), Stipe Nobilo (1945), and the most significant among them being Frano Kršinić (1897-1981). His piece, a bronze monument honoring the fallen in World War II, stands in the town centre while his bronze relief, "Fishermen", is on the hotel building. Not far is the home-studio and collection of local sculptor, amateur and farmer Ivan Jurjević-Knez (1920) and his works in stone and wood.

Today, the locals work in tourism as well as agriculture. In addition to the hotels, there are several campgrounds and many private bed and breakfasts, hospitality facilities, shops and a small marina. The cultural-artistic society "Ivo Lozica" is centered in Lumbarda, and nurtures music, singing, folklore and dramatic amateurism.


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