This typical old vineyard settlement has about 600 residents and is located 25 kilometres away from Korčula by the main island road. Built on the southern slopes of a hill, the village land is a vast, fertile field  covered in vineyards. This is where the special wine sort Pošip is grown. The village has a wine cellar where this wine sort is produced. In the centre of the village is the parish Church of St. Peter from the 15th century, adapted several times, and its bell tower was added in the 1980s.

Centuries-old cypress trees grow on the small tiled square before the church. The main altar of the church has a painting of Christ, the work of the distinguished Venetian Renaissance painter Jacob Bassan from the end of the 16th century. As in the other villages on the island, the Korčula landowners and noblemen built their summer residences in the nearby inlet of Zavalatica. In the midst of the vineyards are the old and new local graveyards with the votive Church of Our Lady of the Čara Fields from the 14th century, which received its current appearance in the Baroque period.
The front of its main altar is a relief scene from the life of the Mother of God. This late Gothic alabaster relief is of English origin, from the Nottingham workshop from the 15th century. It arrived by sea to the nearby port of Čavić, with a legend concerning its mysterious arrival to Čara. The church is the central pilgrimage sanctuary on the island of Korčula: on the patron saint's day of St. Jacob on July 25th , a great ceremony is held, with a procession passing through the whole of the Čara fields, carrying the image of the Mother of God of the altar, followed by people from all over the island. The Crnomiri artistic society is founded in Čara. This society received its name from the legendary brothers who once fought bravely for the rights of serfs against the Venetian nobility and rectors.

In nearby Zavalatica inlet to the south (2 kilometres by road) there is a series of modernly equipped family-run bed and breakfasts right on the seashore.


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