Brna, a bay, harbour and village of the same name on the south coast of the island of Korčula, 4 km southwest of the town of Smokvica and its port. The bay is divided into two parts by the Mali Zaglav peninsula; part of the village and the harbour are situated in the eastern part of the bay.
The coastline is steep from the village of Prižba in the west to the village of Zavalatica in the east. The smaller coves are partially sandy, and are heavily vegetated with bushes and pines. There is a series of small islets off the coast between Brna and Prižba: Vrhovnjak, Crklica, Stupa, Otočac and Sridnjak.
In the 19th century, Brna developed as a port for the export of wine from Smokvica to harbours in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. In recent years, it has turned to tourism. With good prospects for relaxation and accommodation, tourists can enjoy seafood delicacies in the taverns with excellent white wines (Pošip and Rukatac) from Smokvica. Istruga Bay, near Brna, is filled with medicinal mud, which is frequently used by the locals despite there still being no organized therapy available.


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