This village with 400 residents is situated 11 kilometres from Korčula. The winding road from Žrnovo climbs up the centre of the island to a small valley between the surrounding slopes, where this small and humble village is nestled. Its inhabitants were farmers and livestock breeders, and these today continue to be the main economic activities, though many people work in construction, tourism and other branches. The Church of Our Lady of Snow, renovated and adapted several times, is in the centre of the village. Nearby, at the graveyard, is the Church of St. George (Jurja) from the 15th century, with several dilapidated old chapels in the surrounding areas.

The new island road extends on from Pupnat and climbs quite high, offering a lovely view on a large part of the island's south coast, especially on the Pupnat harbour with its dense pine woods, while the islands of Lastovo and Mljet can be seen out towards the open sea. Pupnat harbour is connected by a newly cemented road and can be reached by car. The panorama of the south coast is even lovelier if you take the old road, which winds up the slopes, while hikers can walk down the walking trails to the seashore.


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