4th of June, 2017 at 5PM at the Church of St. Ignatius (Society of Jesus) concert of the Norwegian choir CV Bærumkoret, entrance is free.


CV Bærumkoret
With 52 active members Baerumkoret is one of the largest mixed choirs in the Baerum area, which is located right outside Oslo, the capital of Norway. The choir has its roots as a socialist choir originated in 1951. In 1980 the members changed the name to Baerumkoret and decided the choir should be politically neutral.
The repertoire is broad and Baerumkoret likes to express themselves through a variety of styles such as musicals, jazz, pop and ballads - as well as classical choir music and church music. The choir invites to at least three concerts a year - one in the Spring, one in the Fall and the renowned annual Christmas concert held in December in the local church at Hoevik.
In addition to hosting their own concerts the choir often partner with other choirs and musicians. The musical leader and conductor of the choir is Mr. Pål Rullestad, who has performed in this role since August 2011.
In the last 5 years the choir has performed in the following concerts and projects:
2011: Tour in USA (Mid West) with four acapella concerts. (Performed with former
conductor Mr. Scott Campbell)
2012: Duke Ellington's "Sacred Concert" with Foeyka Big Band and soprano Sissel Heibek
2012: Jazz concert with pianist Lars Andreas Aspesaether and bass-player Helge Olav
2013: Tour in Italy (Toscana) with three concerts - two of them with local Italian choirs
2013: Performed "Navidad Nuestra" by Ariel Ramirez with a small Latin-American band
2014: Performed "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff together with the local Wind
Symphony and with other choirs - all together 150 singers on stage. Baerumkoret
hosted the concert together with the Wind Symphony.
2015: Duke Ellington's "Sacred Concert" with Foeyka Big Band and soprano Sissel Heibek
2015: 35 years anniversary for Baerumkoret with Pop & Rock concert in Baerum Concert
Hall with rock group (Odd Gunnar Frøysland, guitar/ Helge Olav Ellingsen, bass/Hans
Marius Indahl, drums) and soloists (Kaia and Maria Rullestad Teigen)
2015: Tour to Prague, Czech Republic; participation in "Prague Cantat" (Choir competition)
with good evaluations
2016: Musical-Theatre concert in the Spring and "Maria Music" by Anders Öhrwall
performed at church concert in the Autumn with recitation by Nina Cecilie Lundberg
and a small orchestra
2017: Concert with Norwegian Repertoire in May. Tour to Dubrovnik in June. The choir is
planning a large project in March 2018 to perform Händel’s Messiah.

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