Third Metkovic Skalinada / International stair race

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

With the biggest prize money in Croatia 11 000 HRK.

Distance: 1470 meters
Stair Number: 538
Altitude: 0-70mNv

Race course: Start from King Tomislav Square, stairs 2 and 3 to the Church of St. Elijah, then stairs to the cemetery of the church of St. George, where the U-turn go fromTivat stairs and the stairs 7 and 8 to the oldest part of the city Krnjesavac, then down the street to Pag Baburice the last stairs in the race, stairs 9, after which comes 400m along the street of father Ante Gabric to the finish line, which is also on the King Tomislav Square.

The entire trail will be marked by the presence of numerous volunteers.

Start of small Skalinada for children: 10:30AM

Start of the Third Metkovic Skalinada: 12:00AM / time trial-each participant starts one after the other at regular intervals of 30 sec. (becauise of possible jams in the narrow areas)
-start numbers are inserted on a chip, and the results will be processed by computer.

-In case of rain, the race is not postponed.
-Fruit and drinks at the start and at the finish of the race.

Before the start, every participant of the race will have to sign the declaration on security, to act on their own responsibility, minors with parental consent.

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