The religious traditions of Holy Week ("Vela setemana") as the procession of Korcula's brotherhoods on the streets of the medieval town of Korcula are a remarkable experience. Confraternity of the All Saints, St. Roch and St. Michael guard centuries old traditions. Of particular interest are "torci" - wax candles which are carried in procession around the city, weighing up to 73 kilograms.


9. April, Sunday
Palm Sunday
- 9.00 Benediction of palms, procession, solemn mass with Passion singing
- Adoration
- 10.00 Low mass
- All Saints brotherhood 's procession
- Miserere, King David' s psalms

10. April, Monday
Holy Monday
- 18.30 Low Mass
- Saint Rocco's brotherhood procession
- Miserere, King David's psalms

11. April, Tuesday
Holy tuesday
- 18.30 Low Mass
- Saint Michael's brotherhood's procession
- Miserere, King David's psalms

12. April, Wednesday
Holy Wednesday
- 18.30 High Mass
- Lamentation
- Procession

13. April, Thursday
Holy Thursday
- 18.30 Solemnn Mass with feet washing

14 April, Friday
Good Friday
- Visiting Christ's tomb – sepulcrum- round churches and chapels
- 18.30 Readings, Adoration
- Miserere, King David's psalms
- Good Friday solemn procession around the town
- Visiting brotherhood's halls

15. April, Saturday
Holy saturday
- 4.30 Procession around churches and chapels, through the Wood
- 20.00 Benediction of water and fire
- Gloria resurrection, solemn Mass

16 April, Sunday
- 10.00 Solemn Easter Mass
- Benediction of the town gates

17 April, Monday
Easter Monday
- 18.30 High Mass and procession at St. Michael's church

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