photo by: Neven Fazinić

The Moreška sword dance, which is performed by males from Korčula (town) and several other settlements of Korčula, is perhaps the most recognisable feature of the islands history. 
This mock battle dance is performed traditionally on St. Theodore's Day on July 29th. During the summer, it is performed weekly. 
The sword dance has been performed on Korčula since the 17th century but it is believed to be even older because the technique used in it dates back from the 16th century. Soldiers from the Black and Red army are battling, while holding two swords, to free Bula, who was abducted by the Arab King. The dance heats up through 7 battles to eventually end in the freeing of Bula and her return to her beloved Osman. 

Experience the battle dance every Monday and Thursday at 9 PM throughout July and August on the Summer Stage in Korčula. In September the performance is limited to one day per week on Thursday's also at 9 PM at the same place. In case of bad weather the performence will be moved to the Centre for Culture. 

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