Gastro Film Festival, Kinookus, is an international film festival that uses the seventh art and the concept of pleasure in developing, maintaining and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of the festival, which takes place in Ston, is to educate about the preparation of traditional recipes, food preparation in general, ways of natural preservation, to educate on design and methods of application of traditional dishes and tools, and various other aspects of everyday healthy living.

„Kinookus“ (CinemaTaste) primarily indicates to the thematical bond of food and cinema, but hides a deeper meaning – the education and improvement of senses for forgotten tastes, tastes which are near extinction, for the awakening of the awareness for the less known flavours, and finally for the development of the esthetic taste for the art of film.  Because of all these reasons, the audience of the Kinookus festival consists of connoisseurs, gourmets, head-onists, and filmophiles but also of food and beverage producers, caterers, old customs and crafts devotees, nature lovers, adventurists and regular people craving authentic cultural events. 

The festival will be held from 1st till the 4th September in Ston.


The festival will be held in the following locations:

Trpanj - September 1st at 8 PM - at the marketplace in the old town

Orebić – September 2nd at 9 PM - Mlinice garden area, Orebić promenade

Blato -    September 3rd at 8PM - Franjo Tuđman square (in front of the municipality building)

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