Join us on June 17th for the Sword Dance Festival, starting at 8:00 PM in the old town of Korčula - free entrance! Don't miss the opporunity to experience the rich Korčula tradition!

The grand opening of the Sword Dance Festival starts with a parade of Sword Groups from the Old Town, and a showing of all sword dance games and guest groups. The island of Korčula is known by its sword dances: moreška, kumpanija and moštra, that have been performed for over 400 years. The sword dance groups of Korčula are:

  • Viteška udruga "Kumpanija" Smokvica
  • KPD "Bratska sloga" Mostra Zrnovo
  • Folklorno društvo "Kumpanija" Vela Luka
  • Viteško udruženje "Kumpanjija" Blato
  • VU "Kumpanjija" Pupnat
  • HGD "Sv. Cecilija"
  • KUD "Moreska" Korčula
  • VU "Kumpanija" Čara


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